“When we were younger we used to run around naked” Freeze blasts men who said on TV that rape could be caused by the way 5-year-old girls dress

Freeze has joined to criticize the men who condemned the way parents dress their 5-year-old daughters and said it could lead to rape.

Freeze pointed out that children that age run around naked or wearing just pants because of their innocence and it is absurd to begin sexualizing them when they are not fully formed.

The OAP wrote:

This guy is mad o?. See his teeth like armpit hair.?

When we were younger, we used to run around naked till we were about 5years of age and then from 5 to 10 we wore only underpants and rolled tyres with sticks.

Bum shorts na corporate dressing compared to what we wore in the hood back then and we weren’t sexualized so what’s he saying? ?

I be hood pikin o, my mama beat me tire, till today I no dey wear shirt if I dey house!

If you see kids as sexual objects YOU HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM! After verbalizing this fecal residue from his oral cavity, I won’t even allow this guy watch my kids on tv!

Leave the kids out of this mess! ~FRZ


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