Onyema Chiwete: “I Am Not A Pedophile” After Sexualizing 5-year Old Girl

Yesterday, a video of two Nigerian men insisting that a 5-year-old girl is a sexual being, went viral. The video received a lot of reactions, with most Nigerians including celebrities lashing out at the men.

Following the backlash received so far, one of the men, Onyema Chiwete who is a TV host and actor, has come out to refute claims that he is a pedophile

” I am not a pedophile. I was only giving my opinion on a scripted TV show where you have two sides of a topic to draw attention and interest of viewers. I believe our kids should be protected from this sick pedophiles while we find a way to heal them. I expected that the likes of @bankywellington and @officialwajeshould have investigated on the story and not take sides so quickly knowing how influential they are. That’s what true leaders do. Thank you” he wrote on IG


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