Hadi Sirika Slams Extra Lessons For Children In Schools

Nigeria’s Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika has made his thoughts known on the extra lessons phenomenon in Nigerian education. Students are meant to close by 2pm in most parts of country but many still stay behind for extra lessons or attend tutorial centres after school. Some still get private coaching from tutors at home. Reacting to this situation, the Minister took to Twitter to post:

“I just don’t understand extra lessons for our kids, It is either that they are not taught properly or there is an element of corruption! In our time most schools closed by 1pm. We had time to rest, play, run errands for parents, read, go to Qur’anic school/Bible study and bond…”

This is something that some Nigerians have also spoken about but the trend continues partly because parents these days work long hours and feel that their children staying at school for longer periods is a safer option than leaving them at home at the mercy of house-helps, relatives or neighbours.

There are also some parents that believe that their children perform better with such extra lessons and coaching.

What do you think about the minister’s comment — hit or miss?


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