Dami Adenuga: How Armed Robbers Fled After Approaching My Car In Osun

Dami Adenuga, a Nigerian artiste manager who traveled down to Ilesha in Osun State with his artistes and crew, took to Instagram to narrate how armed robbers fled after approaching his car.

According to Dami Adenuga, the armed robbers rushed to their car immediately they bumped into a road block. However he disclosed that immediately they got to their car, they fled over an undisclosed reason.

The Nigerian artiste manager had few months few months ago revealed how everyone in his family rejected him, after he chose his career path. He said;

To be honest, the response from home was completely negative. I was rejected by everyone in the family; no one wanted anything to do with me. I had to leave my father’s house in Ibadan and move to Lagos. For a long time, I slept at a fuel station and I experienced a number of unpleasant things that I prefer not to discuss. I don’t really have friends but I have made a few in my line of business.


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