Actress Etinosa raises alarm after receiving series of threat messages from her ex-husband

Actress and Instagram comedienne, Etinosa Idemudia, has raised an alarm after she claimed she received a series of threat messages from her ex-husband, Navy Lietenant Commander Babatunde Solomon Korede.

Etinosa in her post on her IG page, shared the story of how her ex-husband was abusive throughout their married life and how he got the support and covering from his older brother who was a lawyer and police officer.

Etinosa went on to share details of how she had to take the decision to walk out of her abusive marriage with a stab wound and partially deaf ear. She also narrated how the decision to share details of their abusive marriage in an interview is costing her her peace as her ex-husband has been sending her threat messages.

Read what she shared below.


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