Two Brothers Brutalized By Police While Arguing At A Hotel In Delta.

Two brothers have landed in a hospital after being allegedly brutalized by a policeman in Ovwian town, Delta State. According to reports, the brothers were injured by the officer while arguing between themselves at Victory View hotel along Udu road in the area. Israel Joe who shared the story, reveled that the police took responsibility for their action and took the victims to the hospital for treatment.

Below is what he shared on Facebook;

The police in OVWIAN division has continued to brutalised innocent citizen instead of dealing with the endless killings perpetuated by cultists in the area.

Just yesterday they again shot at two innocent brothers who were engaged in mutual argument with themselves at Victory View hotels, Udu Road.

While we are satisfied with the police taking responsibility of the treatment of the boys, we are calling on the Delta State Police Command to investigate and execute acute disciplinary actions on the sergeant who have unconsciously decided to drag the name of the police in Delta state to the mud.

Cdhr in Delta state led by Prince Kehinde Comr Prince Taiga led a team of comrades to the hospital where the brothers are receiving treatment and have vowed to ensure the case is not swept under the carpet.

God bless Nigeria.

My right is my right is my right.


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